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We know what you need, and we deliver! Trusted by dozens of top models and entertainers in the industry!

Top-Tier Magazine Features!

Secure spots in top-tier digital publications and high-profile news outlets like USA Today, Forbes, Maxim and MORE. We have 600+ news outlets from local, state-based, to international scale!

Social Account Assistance

With years of experience and hundreds of recovered accounts, we have the resources to keep your accounts online on Instagram TikTok and Instagram

Social Media Insurance

We have a tailored and refined approach to offering unparalleled insurance and consulting for models and adult entertainers looking to secure their social media accounts so they can continue to generate income!

Social Media Services

We can help you with just about any social media related requests including merging accounts, acquiring usernames for your brand or business, and everything in between!



Pubhub has helped me get back into my Instagram account at least a dozen times. They've also had me featured in Forbes, and dozens of other magazines so I could get my blue check! They have been my social media point of contact for the last 2 years, they're great!!

Emma Magnolia


Their services are legit. This industry is literally full of scammers. Sometimes the prices might be high, but the services work. They've helped me get my accounts back more times than I can count, delete impersonators on Instagram and TikTok, and remove articles about me that I never approved of.

Livv Fitt


Pubhub and Hanna helped me get PR so I could finally get my IG blue check! Forever grateful to them, and Hanna is so knowledgable about everything social media. I still contact him to ask him questions!

Sky Bri


They helped me get my IG back when I was around 500K followers. Thank you!!

Lena the Plug


Helped me recover my TikTok account within 48 hours!

Brie Nightwood


Did an amazing PR campaign for me that got me the blue check on IG. Forever grateful.

Punanni Anni


I left them a Google review! They helped me get my TikTok back after so many other people failed. Thanks so much I love them!!

Lil Janet


They helped me get my IG blue check within 48 hours!! Thanks so much 🙂

Bella Rome


Amazing!! They've helped me recover my account multiple times and also got me my blue check. They are available all the time for any trouble shooting. I literally just shoot Hanna a text and he helps me!

Ruby May


They helped me get my TikTok back, and they helped me get a verified TikTok account on my desired username. They've helped me with my Instagram more times than I can count, too! The best, thank you!

Romi Chase


They did what they said they would do! It was costly but they did a strong PR campaign and I got my blue check!


Our Process

Investigate .

We need to understand your brand and your goals before we can develop a tailored plan.

Educate .

We'll tell you everything you need to know so you can make an informed decision about the process, timeframe, cost, and all other relevant factors.

Execute .

WE DELIVER! You'll get what you paid for, guaranteed or money back.

Satisfaction .

We make sure you're happy with the results, and offer you additional services to help amplify you brand!

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Client Results Results

Our Services Services

Gain unparalleled visibility and credibility for your brand through our custom-tailored new stories published in the most prestigious and reputable online sites like Forbes, Maxim, USA Today, and more. We have a catalog of over 600 digital publications and placements, as well as connections with some of the most reputable news outlets in the industry. We WILL get you published, so you can get a coveted "as seen on" all over your website and socials!

Are you someone who is consistently targeted? Reclaim and preserve control over your social media accounts. We enable you to capitalize on your online presence for continued financial success through your digital assets. We have helped hundreds of models back into their accounts on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and MORE! We can help- message us now!

Safeguard your brand's integrity. Is someone impersonating you? Are there stories on Google that you did not approve of, are outdated, or do not align with your brands vision? Are there people defaming or targeting you on social media? In the face of reputation threats, we proactively combat any harmful impact, ensuring that your public image remains untarnished. From removing Google links to helping you mitigate social media situations, we get it done! 

Anything you need done on social media, we can do it! That's our speciality, we've worked with hundreds of models to deliver them what they need, when they need it!